Solventless Lamination Solution

A new film lamination process has been developed which uses a combination of solventless adhesives to enable slitting of food-grade flexible packaging within hours of lamination. This is FDA regulation compliant and provides you with material, time and cost savings!

Services: Why Labels, Tags & Inserts…

  • LTI protects your Brand with Consistent Graphic Reproduction and Color Matching
  • Full in-house prepress department implements QRM (quick response manufacturing), emphasizing the beneficial effect of reduced lead times
  • Well trained team of professionals
  • We listen closely to the needs of our customers
  • Non-stop automated machinery equals maximum efficiency & lower cost
  • Design with as many colors as needed and be confident you will receive the most accurate graphic reproduction and color matching with our Servo Presses
  • Most consistent reproduction and color available today for UV and Water Based Inks.

Labels, Tags & Inserts Inc. is the Flexographic Printing Solution to partner with in every industry including …

  • Apparel
  • Consumer Products
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Lottery
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Promotional/Direct Mailing


  • Full inspection of the roll checking for any dings, scratches or damaged cells
  • The journals, bearings and drive gear are inspected
  • The roll is cleaned with Real Cleen and left to soak for 20 min
  • The roll is then placed in the Caresonic tank for the deep cycle treatment

This process is repeated until all the cell openings are clean and free of any built up ink or grit followed by this the roll is inspected with a cellspec microscope to let you know what the true BCM of that roll is. Your anilox roller will perform to their fullest ability.

Ship us the rolls, we perform the procedure and ship them back!