Water Soluble Adhesives are Strong, Easy to Remove

Ever buy a new set of pots and pans and had to spend the first three days of ownership scrubbing off residue from the label adhesive before you can use them?

Consumers can say good-bye to that frustration with products and packaging that feature water soluble adhesives. Widely used in packaging, these adhesives are easy to apply and provide reliable bonds. And you can easily clean off excess adhesive with water.

Also referred to as emulsion, dispersion, and solvent-free, water-based adhesives are well-suited to high-speed application and bonding and are typically a low-cost solution for either indoor or short-term outdoor graphic applications.This type of adhesive is found in a wide range of printed projects like exterior labels, information decals, and interior signage and wall graphics. These use water to separate their adhesive molecules. When the water evaporates, strong bonds form. They are also widely used for bonding wood, paper, textiles, leather and other porous substrates.

Water soluble adhesives provide strength and speed of solvent-based adhesives that are designed for more demanding and durable, longer-term applications. The difference: When the solvents evaporate, what’s left is an adhesive that is more resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, and wider temperature ranges.

Solvent-based adhesives also come with drawbacks including flammability and the potential for exposure to volatile organic compounds. Water soluble adhesives meet the demanding standards of companies across a wide range of industries without these concerns. They provide sustainable adhesive and packaging systems with outstanding durability. Products arrive securely and undamaged.


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