2024: Focused on the Future of Flexo

As a New Year dawns, we are focused on what’s new in flexo printing in 2024. What can LTI customers expect in the evolution of this high-quality process that is changing the way we print and package a host of consumer goods?

In short, we can expect flexo technology to continue to get faster, more automated and easier to operate. A Reports and Insight study reports the global flexo press market has been registering significant revenue growth, driven by increased demand from packaging and labeling industries, rising consumption of consumer goods, food and beverages, and rapid traction of e-commerce sales.

These factors are driving need for efficient, high-quality printing solutions, and industry players like LTI are focusing on offering comprehensive services to cater to diverse client needs and leverage increased demand and opportunities.

Flexo printing offers high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective results, which are ideal for industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and others. With capabilities for multi-color printing, quick setup, and adaptability to different substrates, flexo presses remain pivotal in modern packaging and label production.

The Reports and Insights study highlights several trends that are cementing the role of flexo printing in global marketing initiatives. These include:

The E-commerce Boom 
Surge in online shopping has led to increased demand for packaging and labeling, driving the adoption of flexo press solutions. This trend is positively impacting revenue growth as e-commerce continues to expand globally and need for quick and efficient packaging and labeling increases in parallel.

Sustainable Printing
Growing environmental awareness is edging markets towards sustainable practices. Flexo presses in which eco-friendly practices such as use of water-based inks and reduced material waste are attracting environmentally conscious customers and boosting revenue.

Technological Advancements
Integration of automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things in flexo press systems enhance efficiency, reduce setup times, and minimize potential errors. This technological edge attracts industries seeking higher productivity, and increasing preference is contributing to revenue growth.

Customization and Personalization
Flexo presses enable easy customization and personalization of packaging and labels. With brands aiming to stand out in competitive markets, the ability to offer tailored solutions positively impacts revenue by attracting premium clientele.


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