Clean Anilox Cylinders Mean Higher Quality Product


High-end printers using the latest technology know the importance of keeping their anilox cylinders clean and ready for the next quality print job.

Usually constructed of a steel or aluminum core, anilox cylinders feature a porous ceramic coating that is engraved with microscopic cells along its surface. Available as a roll or sleeve engraved through mechanical processes or laser technology, the cylinder is a key component of the flexographic printing process.

The engraved cylinder is responsible for picking up a uniform amount of ink or coating from the ink pan/chamber in its millions of tiny cells and transferring it to the raised surfaces of the printing plate. The plate then does the work of distributing ink to the substrate.

When it comes to anilox cylinder performance, clean is the name of the game. That’s why the best flexo printers use professional cleaning services to regularly clean the anilox cells. Benefits include:

•   Repeated transfer of a precise volume of ink or coating

•   Consistent coverage

•   Reduced labor and less downtime

•   Fewer job rejections and waste

•   Longer anilox life and lower re-working costs

Clients especially like the superior cleaning capability LTI offers that removes deposited particles inside of the cells and cleans chrome and ceramic rolls of any line screen. The result is a superior clean, improved print quality and a longer life for your anilox rolls.

LTI’s Anilox Cleaning Service includes:

•   Full inspection of the roll checking for any dings, scratches, or damaged cells

•   The journals, bearings, and drive gear are inspected

•   The roll is cleaned with Real Cleen and left to soak for 20 min

•   The roll is then placed in the Caresonic tank for the deep cycle treatment

•   This process is repeated until all the cell openings are clean and free of any built-up ink or grit. It is followed by an inspection with a cellspec microscope so we know the true BCM of the roll.

•   Your anilox roller will now perform to its fullest ability.

LTI makes it easy:  Just ship us the rolls, we perform the procedure and ship them back!


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