Consumer-Friendly Minimalist Labels Growing in Popularity

In label design these days, less is more. Simplicity. Clean lines. A muted palette. Sparse use of color. These are the designer’s guiding principles as product makers fight for shoppers’ eyes and shelf space in a highly competitive marketplace.

Minimalism in design is becoming more popular because it is less cluttered and easier to digest. It’s no secret that consumers judge products and determine their interest in purchasing within the first few seconds of seeing it on the shelf. But don’t underestimate the power of a simple label. In an era of information overload, more brands are realizing that minimalist labeling works best. They are opting for simplicity and reaping the reward in greater consumer acceptance.

Just think about some of the labels that appeal to you most. When too much is crammed on a label or package, you may have missed something you need to know, such as an expiration date, allergen info, or key ingredients. A minimalist label also conveys that the product manufacturer has confidence in their product and is happy to let it speak for itself rather than using lots of flashy design elements. This in turn creates trust with consumers, increasing the probability they will buy the product.

Here are some pro tips to help you take advantage of minimal label design:

·      Create an uncluttered look to the label by avoiding unnecessary detail. Avoid lengthy descriptions; use fewer words.

·      Use white space to improve readability and enhance brand focus. White space is a foundational element in minimalist design. When properly used, it will allow clients to focus on your integral message and the product rather than the label.

·      Be creative with typography; Clean typography typically refers to sans-serif typefaces like Helvetica, Futura, and Open Sans. The lettering has a simple look making information highly readable, resulting in a clear and simple label.

·      Use a bold, bright color for the product name and a soft and muted color for the supporting details.

·      Eliminate basic product information; make bold but valid claims about what your product can do.


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