Customer Feedback: More Valuable than Gold

At LTI, great customer service is at the heart of everything we do. The decades of success and growth we have experienced  as a high-quality flexographic printer is directly related to a sharp focus on maximizing every opportunity to create a winning experience for our clients.

While not all companies encourage—or appreciate—customer feedback, we do. We are well familiar with industry statistics that show, out of every 26 unsatisfied customers, only one will take the time to reach out and let us know. Most will just churn in their unhappiness, perhaps slipping away silently with you never knowing why.

At LTI, we agree with customer service expert Esteban Kolsky, CEO of ThinkJar, who says that every constructive insight that you receive is more valuable than gold. The real enemy, he says, is indifference.

It’s only natural that we all prefer to receive praise not criticism. But while a pat on the back may feel good—and we get plenty of them–it does little to challenge you and spur growth and improvement. We recognize the person who talked to us about a poor experience cares enough about our company to be one out of 26 people to let us know what’s going on.

In our view, that means that they care about our products and services enough to want it to be better. By not responding to them and taking their comments into account, we lose the opportunity to become an even better company. We refuse to allow that to happen.


At LTI, we’re not just another printer, we’re your partners – and we have been for more than two decades. Our clients run the gamut of modern commerce – from consumer products to food and beverage, from health and beauty to apparel – and everything in between. Let us help you identify the best solution for your label, tags and inserts needs.

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