Innovations in Flexo Printing Boost Quality and Production


In recent years, innovations in the Flexo printing industry have dramatically advanced print quality and streamlined the production process. The results have been impressive and include:

•   More press uptime
•   Higher speeds
•   Continuous print
•   Fewer printing defects
•   Less time troubleshooting
•   Less waste
•   Brighter colors
•   More diverse capabilities

All of these benefits add up to a more hassle-free printing experience, higher dependability and unequaled quality that had previously been impossible to achieve. LTI’s lineup of exceptional equipment provides you the highest quality in the shortest time – often with substantial savings. Our investment in technology provides you with:

•   High-quality graphics printing with water base or UV inks and coatings
•   Lamination
•   Sheets, rolls, fanfolds
•   Printing on both sides of board stock
•   Printing on adhesive on pressure-sensitive, paper, films, vinyl, clear poly, metalized or aluminum stocks

Our customers especially appreciate the guaranteed quality made possible by our Fleyevision 100% Print Inspection System. FleyeVision works seamlessly with our finishing equipment to guarantee accuracy and reliability. Other manufacturers often depend, instead, on third party inspection equipment.

Fast, accurate and fully automated, FleyeVision can be configured to meet inspection requirements exactly. In addition to checking for scratches, hickeys and letter or text irregularities, it can detect register shifts or color deviations. Additional modules can measure gaps, compare labels to a PDF master image, verify codes and numbers, check colors, map faults and document findings to meet individual requirements.


At LTI, we’re not just another printer, we’re your partners – and we have been for more than two decades. Our clients run the gamut of modern commerce – from consumer products to food and beverage, from health and beauty to apparel – and everything in between. Let us help you identify the best solution for your label, tags, and inserts needs.

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