LTI’s Color Management Strengthens Your Brand in the Marketplace

Once considered an art form, color management is now an exact science. As we shape brands for our customers at LTI, we ensure they obtain absolute fidelity to brand colors across all platforms.

Research shows that color has a significant impact on sales as people make subconscious judgments about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Two-thirds of that assessment is based on color alone, a University of Winnipeg study shows.

Researcher Satyendra Singh confirms that colors evoke brands. Whether it’s Heineken’s distinct green label, Coca-Cola’s red, Shell’s yellow, or Cadbury’s purple, all have different color values to different consumers. Holograms and metallic colored packaging on Colgate toothpastes entice the consumer to choose their toothpaste over Proctor & Gamble’s.

The high importance placed on color is an acknowledgment of the manufacturer’s understanding that color has strong emotional loading, able to prompt a swifter response to packaging than either the written word or imagery.

As brand owners become more aware of the data, their demand for precise, consistent color management increases. That’s why your printer’s equipment and software must be capable of maintaining colors within a tight tolerance and making needed adjustments instantly as the press rolls. The latest color management options streamline the correction process, allowing for fast, accurate color correction at the press to dramatically reduce waste caused by color problems.

Attention to color management benefits the printing process and the brand in several important ways, including:

• Product makes it to store shelves faster

• Design and production costs are less expensive

• Fewer trial press runs or press-side color approvals are required

• Less ink and substrate is wasted

• Greener processes are deployed

• Multi-color process printing is explored and the creative brand vision is realized

Unparalleled graphic reproduction and color management is just one more component of what our customers call “the LTI advantage.”

At LTI, we’re not just another printer, we’re your partners – and we have been for more than two decades. Our clients run the gamut of modern commerce – from consumer products to food and beverage, from health and beauty to apparel – and everything in between. Let us help you identify the best solution for your label, tags, and inserts needs.

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