RFID Insertion… NO PROBLEM with LTI

RFID Tags and Labels: A Digital DNA of Inventory & Assets

Smart tags and labels containing embedded Radio Frequency Identification—or RFID–have greatly advanced a business’ ability to automatically and uniquely identify and track inventory and assets. LTI is helping customers across the country in implementing this increasingly popular technology.

How Does RFID Work and Improve My Business Operations?

Digital data is encoded in tags and labels and captured by a reader via radio waves. Not only does the technology continue to improve year over year, but the cost of implementing and using an RFID system continues to decrease, making RFID more cost-effective and efficient.

RFID use is increasing rapidly, in part due to mandates issued by the U.S. Department of Defense and big-box retailers which now require supplier products to be traceable by RFID.

The technology is also applicable to:
–Inventory management
– Asset tracking
– Personnel tracking
– Controlling access to restricted areas
– ID Badging
– Supply chain management
– Counterfeit prevention (e.g., in the pharmaceutical industry)

Users are preferring RFID tags because of their reliability, including the fact they are not susceptible to damage like ripping and smearing that may be incurred by the more traditional barcode labels. Contact the LTI experts about RFID insertion.

At LTI, we’re not just another printer; we’re your RFID partner who can make this technology work for you in a user-friendly way. We’ll speed up deployment of your projects by providing your tags and labels pre-printed, encoded and ready for use. Our in-house Service Bureau will manage production and quality testing for all your labels and tags, including “hard tags” that resist dust, chemicals, mechanical stress, moisture and temperatures.

LTI has served the labels and tags market for more than two decades. Our clients run the gamut of modern commerce – from consumer products to food and beverage, from health and beauty to apparel – and everything in between. Let us help you identify the best solution for your graphic label needs. We’ll have the solution that fits your needs.


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