The BIG Advantage: Quality Control

Flexographic printing involves the use of flexible printing plates mounted on rotating cylinders to transfer ink onto a substrate. The process is known for its efficiency, versatility, and ability to produce high-quality prints on a wide range of materials. However, achieving consistent and precise results requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict quality control measures.

At LTI, our commitment to quality control begins with the preparation and maintenance of printing plates. The quality and condition of the printing plates directly impact print quality, so it’s essential to ensure that they are manufactured to exacting specifications and properly maintained throughout their lifespan. This includes regular inspection for defects, such as scratches or damage, as well as periodic cleaning and reconditioning to maintain optimal print performance.

Color management is another crucial aspect of LTI’s quality control program. Accurate color reproduction is essential for ensuring brand consistency and meeting customer expectations. To achieve this, LTI uses sophisticated color management systems to calibrate printing equipment, establish color profiles, and monitor color accuracy throughout the printing process. Spectrophotometers and color measurement devices are used to verify color consistency and make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired results.

Another key quality control parameter in the LTI process is print registration. Print registration is the precise alignment of different colors or print elements to ensure that they line up correctly on the finished product. Misregistration can result in blurry or distorted images, text, or graphics, detracting from the overall quality of the printed material. LTI uses automated registration systems and advanced press controls to monitor and adjust registration during printing to minimize errors and ensure tight registration tolerances.

Substrate selection and preparation also play a significant role in LTI’s quality control. Different substrates, such as paper, film, or corrugated board, require specific ink formulations and printing parameters to achieve optimal results. It’s essential to select substrates that are compatible with the printing process and ink system being used and to ensure that they are properly prepared to receive ink and produce crisp, vibrant prints.

Throughout the printing process, LTI employs inline inspection systems that detect and identify defects in real-time. These systems use advanced imaging technology to scan printed materials for imperfections such as ink streaks, missing or misprinted text, or color variations. Any defects detected are immediately flagged for corrective action, minimizing waste and ensuring that only high-quality printed materials are delivered to customers.

Post-printing finishing and converting processes also fall under the purview of quality control in flexographic printing. Cutting, trimming, laminating, and other finishing operations must be performed accurately to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications for size, shape, and appearance. Quality control checks are conducted at each stage of the finishing process to verify that all requirements have been met before the printed materials are packaged and shipped to customers.

LTI customers appreciate the high level of quality control that is essential for ensuring that flexographic printing delivers consistent, high-quality results that meet their expectations and adhere to industry standards. By implementing robust quality control measures throughout the printing process, LTI minimizes errors, reduces waste, and maintains our reputation for excellence in print quality and customer satisfaction.

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